COUCOU is a small design studio based in Warsaw, which aims at creating beautiful and timeless spaces. We design by drawing inspiration from the true, real and genuine things. We specialize in residential interior design in historic buildings and residences, but also in different scale development projects. We support our clients in making conscious decisions, nurturing their visions and balancing their priorities without taking away the pleasure.

Anna Wójcicka-Legień

founder of the COUCOU studio

Graduate of the Faculty of Interior Design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Since 2014 she has been designing residential and commercial interiors. She has gained her experience in reputed Warsaw studios by designing apartments and residences in Warsaw, Berlin and Paris, but also by designing offices for a well-known telecommunications network, restaurants, hotels and law firms. She appreciates individualism and unconventional solutions that give unique character to interiors. She loves the excellent design of the middle of the last century and the combination of the new and the old. She believes that a well-designed interior should surprise, but above all, please its users. Apart from interior design, she also paints, while her works have been presented at exhibitions in Poland such as the Officina in Warsaw, the Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition, Dom Chemika and at the Miart, Milan.