In COUCOU we are passionate about designing and creating unique spaces. We treat each project very individually and it is a new creative challenge for us and gives us energy to act creatively. We manage all stages of the investment project: conceptual, construction and executive. We arrange interiors, advise on the selection of contractors and materials, supervise the work, control the schedule and budget.


Our cooperation on the project starts with a conversation. Once we know the initial assumptions concerning the premises (metre, functions, main assumptions to be made), we prepare a valuation of the design works together with a detailed description, so that no surprises or misunderstandings will appear during the realization.


We want to understand your needs, expectations and habits. We pay attention not only to your favorite colors, but also to your interests or way of spending free time. Thus, a wish list is created and it will be the basis for further design work for us. If you don’t know what you really like, we use photos to demonstrate what should be included in your space. After such a research we prepare functional systems and visual directions. Thanks to that we determine the atmosphere of the rooms (materials, style, colors) – so that your interior is not only functional, but also tailored to your personality.


After determining the direction and main assumptions of the design we create a 3D visualization. We will show you how the space designed for you will finally look like.


At this stage, we prepare executive drawings for a renovation and construction team (electrical, lighting, plumbing, furniture, etc.). Then we provide all technical documentation in two copies – for you and a contractor. We recommend that you meet with the contractor on site to discuss the whole design step by step.


Although this stage is not necessary, we believe it is crucial. Thanks to that, the implementation is carried out according to the design, while we take care of any inconveniences on the construction site. Our studio pays a lot of attention to the executive design and applies a lot of details so that your interior is really refined and unique, so we recommend using construction supervision for a certain final effect.


We believe that art is an indispensable element in interior design. We also collect works by Polish and foreign artists. We will be happy to advise you on what to invest in order to have the pleasure of communing with the works of artists.